Time Warp to Sweet 60s

Diorizze D. Perania

Lana del Ray is a lyrical genius that structured her songs with her signature 60’s cinematic melody and simple piano notes. She made her album of three pre-released songs, same with poetry in personal journals. She made it in a way that listening to her masterpieces felt like floating in a calm river surrounded by wildfire along a burning forest. Chilling and letting go of control when everything is falling apart.

Like every artist that is up for soul navigation and expression, she dropped music without proper promotions. She released an album last March. Unstoppable that she is, the Blue Banisters was released this October 22, 2021. Her first three songs - Blue Banisters, Textbook, and Wildflower Wildfire have very personal lyrics written from her life.

Her songs are not for commercial music that is relatable to the majority. The tracklist is about her alone. Lana del Ray’s songs are likened to a siren in an ocean, luring an explorer to dive deep and get lost to her soul.

Her album cracks the emotional color spectrum as it subtly shows how Lana suffered abuse from her mother, and her father did nothing about it resulting in Lana’s daddy issues and searching for men similar to her father that can correct his dad’s negligence. Highlighted in the chorus of Textbook, “You’ve got a Thunderbird, my daddy had one, too. Let’s rewrite history, I’ll do this dance with you.”

Known for her songs that center around tragic romance, the lyrics from Blue Banisters, “You can’t blacken the pages with Russian poetry and be happy,” screams about how she freely flies with her songs about melancholia while curtailing her pain behind her smiles.

The singer’s Wildflower Wildfire is the most sensual. She sang it in a way that she was blowing warmth of love to any listener’s cheeks. It is sung in a way that causes tension and sexuality. Her songs start softly and end with notes that offer something calm but full of power. It is almost like gradual torture that is still bearable.

She gives an album that offers the sensations of a melancholic life in the countryside. Her album is a contemporary gateway to the most romantic yet hurtful experiences of love and romance in the past. A kind of pain beyond what handwritten letters can offer.

Published: April 25, 2022