AB Comm Archives Kidlat Tahimik’s Films

Samantha Thea D. Abiera

Philippine National Artist Kidlat Tahimik virtually turned over his films to the University of San Agustin, AB Communications Program, October 6.

Eric Otyeza de Guia, popularly known as “Kidlat Tahimik” or “Silent Lightning,” is internationally recognized as an independent filmmaker and the Father of Philippine Indie Films.

“I want to share what’s inside me, and it’s not the outer spectacle,” shared de Guia at the event on his purpose of creating films.

The AB Communication program of the University, only in its early years, felt honored and happy that of all universities that offer the same program, they were chosen by Kidlat Tahimik to store his works.

“It hits me in a special way because he chose us [the AB Communication program] to be the recipients of his works, and as the AS (Academic Supervisor) of the program, I am happy that it happened during my time,” said Rhoda Garzon-Campillan, MDC.

Kidlat Tahimik’s approach in filmmaking is unconventional as he tackles issues and stories of ordinary Filipino people that are not given importance in the mainstream media.

“Filipino filmmakers should not always conform to how Hollywood sets the trend for what a great film should be. The Filipinos should give their films a sense of national identity because we are unique and is in different places. It’s time for us to give our films, our culture, and arts identity of its own,” shared AB Communication student, Ruben Java.

Some of his famous works include “Who Invented the Yoyo? Who Invented the Moon Buggy?” (1979), “Turumba” (1983), “Why Is Yellow the Middle of the Rainbow?” (1983-1994), “Orbit 50: Letters to My Sons” (1990- 1992), “Japanese Summers of a Filipino Fundoshi” (1996), and “Balikbayan #1: Memories of Overdevelopment Redux” (2015).

“I want the younger audience to understand that filmmaking is not about the gloss, the looks, the extravagant effects, etc. What’s important is you were able to tell your story,” concluded Kidlat Tahimik.

Published: April 25, 2022