Iloilo City Eyes Herd Immunity

Shergen Q. Villanueva

To instill protection against the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) amongst Ilonggos, the Iloilo City Government continues its urge of getting the public vaccinated to achieve its mission in reaching herd immunity.

As of November 15, the city has fully vaccinated 323,949 persons, reaching 96.65% of the total target population of 525,000 which includes 425,000 residents and 100,000 non-residents.

“While we have included some from the province who are working here, we really need to ramp up the vaccination so that we can say we are achieving herd immunity,” stated Iloilo City Mayor Jerry Treñas n his Facebook post.

Moreover, through the city’s invested efforts on free and walk-in vaccination rollouts, around 364,609 persons, which is 108.78% of the target population, have already received their first dose.

“For me, [the herd immunity is] important because this will be a step closer for all of us towards going back to the real normal with face-to-face classes and the freedom from [having to wear] face masks,” shared 18-year-old Vhee Militar, a fully vaccinated Augustinian.

Furthermore, several regions in the Philippines have similarly declared their objective for herd immunity to reduce the spread and acute effects of COVID.

“Herd immunity is completely necessary to end this pandemic. If most of the population were to be immune from this virus, chances are the virus will mutate to a lesser strain. Herd immunity is also necessary to save the lives of people who are immunocompromised or from people who cannot receive the vaccine since if the virus can be stopped by an immunized individual chances are the virus wouldn’t reach more people anymore and that includes saving the lives of people who cannot protect themselves from the virus. [It] is necessary, and it can be attainable only if and only if the entire community cooperates,” stated Immunology and Serology Clinical Instructor Francisco Avanceña Gangoso Jr., in an interview with The Augustinian.

Meanwhile, Iloilo City continues to reach the goal by conducting house-to-house and workplace inoculation and utilizing vaccination sites such as Ateneo De Iloilo, University of San Agustin, Central Philippine University, University of the Philippines Visayas, Iloilo City National High School, and Megaworld Festive Transport Hub, Robinsons Jaro, and SM City.

“We received vaccination in our workplace because we are frontline workers, and it’s nice that we don’t have to worry much about the process. This herd immunity needs cooperation from all of us because it will improve our lives and work here in the hospital. As front liners, we also continue to encourage other people to get their vaccines,” thus said Rose Marie Villanueva, a nursing attendant at Western Visayas Medical Center (WVMC).

It has also been reported that 27, 283 minors have already been vaccinated when the inoculation for children ages 12- 17 kicked off from October 29 to November 16, both for residents and non-residents studying in Iloilo City.

Published: April 25, 2022