USA Appoints First, Lay Woman VPAA

Hannah Jhanylle C. Po

Marking a moment in its 116-year Ilonggo history, the University of San Agustin appointed Dr. Regina Aileen May Vergara as the first lay and woman Vice President of Academic Affairs, April 20.

The designation was approved by the USA Board of Trustees, with the endorsement of Rev. Fr. Frederick C. Comendador, OSA, the University President, and the deliberation of the General Advisory Council.

“She [Dr. Vergara] was instrumental in many of the milestones we reached in the University, especially in the accreditation, and her familiarity with the system and where we want to be [regain autonomous status] were her edge from other candidates,” opined Comendador.

Prior to becoming VPAA, Dr. Vergara had served as the University’s Director of Strategy and Quality Management Office for four years, Dean of College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) for two years, and Academic Supervisor of Chemistry Program for two years, and before delving into education, was the Head of Operations of Atom Chemical Company, Inc. for ten years.

“Based on my background in accreditation, one important thing is for the different academic units to maintain quality in curriculum and instruction,” remarked Vergara.

In her tenure, she has encouraged the accreditation of all programs and introduced the Annual Curriculum and Management Plan, which prompts the different Colleges and ancillary units to systematize the planning, implementation, and evaluation of activities and programs.

“I have also been focusing on improving curriculum management, which starts from curriculum review to instruction to student assessment and looking into the possibility of offering and maintaining new programs,” she further stated.

In addition to Vergara, Circular No. 16 s.o. 2021 listed new friar-administrators as part of the customary four-year reshuffling efforts of the University.

“The administrators I have met have been sensitive to our needs, so hopefully, I could garner support for future activities, programs, and proposals,” commented USA Student Government President Mary Divine De Villaluna on the new assignments.

Villaluna also noted that the appointment of the first woman VPAA is another step to reaching the United Nations’ Fifth Sustainable Development Goal, Gender Equality, as it shows that women can sit in administrative positions.

“Through the leadership of Dr. Vergara and the friar-administrators, we want the University to be responsive to the needs of the times, improve in the areas of curricular instruction and research, and enliven and inculcate the Augustinian spirit,” Comendador concluded.

Published: April 26, 2022