All About the USA Publications

The USA Publications is the official student press corps of the University of San Agustin, Iloilo City, Philippines. It has served as a venue for free expression and intellectual dialogue since its founding in 1928 through the efforts of Jose Mijares and Jose Garcia-Sanchez, insofar as it has set the path for student involvement and active participation. Its unwavering commitment to providing responsive, developmental, and research-based campus journalism is bound by the shared values of truth, courage, and commitment through cutting-edge stories, enriched by Augustinian action.

The USA Pub continues to publish The Augustinian Mirror (Magazine), The Augustinian (Tabloid and E-Newspaper), Irong-irong (Literary Folio), and Dingding ni Gusting (Wall Newspaper) that reap awards in both local and national scenes. Not only does it strive for excellence in the field of campus journalism, but it is also a record of journalistic distinction, with its members continually adding to the Publications' laurels, rather than resting on them.

Our Vision

The USA Publications is an Augustinian center of campus journalism, fostering the advocacy of the common good and acting as the voice of the student body through responsive, developmental, and research-based campus journalism.

Our Mission

The USA Publications dedicates itself to promoting campus journalism inspired by Augustinian ideals through publishing papers upholding Augustinian values, building linkages and partnerships, enhancing the capabilities of the staff, and maximizing the use of adequate equipment and facilities.

The Editorial Board

The Executive Team

  • Pia Victoria E. Graza


  • Joewen Ray L. Ducado

    Managing Editor

    Mia Hart I. Jaranilla

    Associate Editor

    Pauline Marie C. Arada

    Associate Editor

    Maria Cristy E. Daguay


Program Management Team

  • Mary Colleen Faith J. Salcedo

    Program Management Director

  • Syrell Doanne V. Nietes

    Staff Writer

    John Carl B. Barredo

    Staff Writer

    Faridah Tania S. Dairo

    Staff Writer

Digital Media Team

  • Martin Jae U. Querubin

    Digital Media Director

  • Benz Xedric D. Puig

    Digital Media Staff

Community Affairs Team

  • Marjhil D. Gadon

    Community Editor

  • Stella Marie M. Hubo

    Staff Writer

    John Kyle L. Bañares

    Staff Writer

Creative Writing Team

  • Kyla Presmei C. Depakakibo

    Literary Editor

  • Hannah Jhanylle C. Po

    Digital Media Director

    Lorenz Jude C. Celoso

    Staff Writer

Art and Design Team

  • Dylan Jacob K. Suarez

    Art and Design Director

  • Dianne Nayeli B. Montero

    Staff Artist

    Carl Evans H. Jover

    Staff Artist

    Exequiel John Ampunan

    Staff Artist

    Rhiannah Catherynn G. Salinas

    Staff Artist

    Joshua Patrick C. Santillan

    Staff Artist

Photography Team

  • Jedro L, Cawaling

    Photography Director

  • Angel Grace O. Octoso

    Staff Photographer

    Alessa Q. Moreno

    Staff Photographer

    Airha Kate V. Lazaro

    Staff Photographer


  • Pauline Marie C. Arada

    Financial Manager

  • Joshua Patrick C. Santillan

    Editorial Assistant