Artwork - Joshua Patrick Santillan

I’ll Be Here

Daniel Mann

Who are you, beyond my door?

Why do you call for me?

I have sunk deep into my bed,

Unable to hear your plea

Nor the tears you shed

It’s been too long now, too long

Where must I go

But deeper within me?

For I am my own foe—

A lock without a key

Go away, I tell you

You've nothing to gain

I am deep into my slumber

For I must have this pain

As I weep another summer

Things have come and gone

I have pressed back and forth

From the past I must resolve

And I press on until the birth

Of the one who’s been absolved

You’re beginning to irk me

Why must you be so persistent?

What do you know of my woe—

Of the world, of my existence,

Of the things that trouble me so?

Alas, you let out a whisper

“Look at the window,” you said

There, I see people lost—

Far from the lives they once led

I saw what the sickness has cost

I look around my room, my mirror

I see a man so dull and lifeless

The hues of his soul, a clutter

Left to be consumed by darkness,

Awaiting a light to shine on his color

You, who knocked on my door

The antithesis of me

One who wanders despite the chaos

Not the room where I went to flee

Towards the light you guide me across

We must thread forward

Despite what has been lost

For it is only through movement

That our light can thaw the frost

So long now, that I have awaited this moment

To witness my colors again

Published: April 25, 2022