Photo - Angel Octoso

Iloilo Electoral Supporters Campaign Prexy

Syrell Doanne V. Nietes

To express their full support for their executive hopefuls ahead of the May 2022 elections, supporters of different political groups in Iloilo City began campaigning for their presidential bets.

Iloilo Youth for Leni (IYFL), a youth organization formed by volunteers from various areas in Iloilo that seeks to campaign for Presidential hopeful and Vice President Leni Robredo, organized activities such as palugaw (an event that serves rice porridge), pa-ice cream, and many more.

“We already conducted a palugaw in my hometown in Leon, pa-ice cream in Plazoleta, and are giving away Leni Pins from the Dapat Si Leni group,” said Arriane Jade Cams, founder of IYFL.

The group also stated that they do not share the same funds with the Office of the Vice President, and thus considered a fund-raising activity to help provide funds for their future endeavors.

“As youth volunteers, we don’t have enough budget and resources to host big events and activities. So, as of now, we are volunteering with other group volunteers like Doctors for Leni, Lawyers for Leni, Educators for Leni, DapatSiLeni, RobredoIloilo, and many more,” added Cams.

On the other hand, Bukluran ng mga Batang Maharlikan (BBM) Youth Iloilo Chapter, a youth organization that campaigns Senator Bongbong Marcos Jr., launched an activity called “Random Mobile Food Meal”, which caters to people by the streets.

“We cater to the homeless, beggars, sikad and tricycle drivers, anyone in particular, and later on, we turned it into barangay-based, catering 200 to 400 participants per distribution,” shared Larry ‘Lars’ Lao, founder and adviser of BBM Youth Iloilo.

The group also clarified that they are not a paid youth organization channeled through local politicians.

“They [youth] are all volunteers; community service is still the top priority of this group rather than political affiliation; BBM Youth Iloilo Chapter was created to inspire the youth, the experience and the joy of giving and sharing and at the same time develop their personality and social skills,” added Lao.

Meanwhile, COMELEC Spokesperson James Jimenez reminded the public to focus on choosing candidates that have the best qualities and intentions to run the country.

“Now you need to start thinking about what the country needs, which candidate can bring us closest to filling those needs, and what you can do to help your chosen candidates win,” remarked Jimenez.

Published: April 25, 2022