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Philippine Presidentiables Demand Accountability on Social Media Platforms

Samantha Thea D. Abiera

In the Presidential Debate held last March 19, the presidential hopefuls agreed to hold social media corporations liable for the spread of disinformation, considering the upcoming 2022 national elections.

As the country adjusts to the new normal, candidates and supporters resorted to social media rather than traditional marketing campaigns to reach voters, raising concerns about online hate speech and disinformation.

During the debate, Vice president and opposition leader Leni Robredo stated, "Social Media platforms should be made accountable because they are housing disinformation."

Presidential candidate and retired boxing champion Sen. Manny Pacquiao echoed this statement, adding that whoever creates fake news should be punished.

"Social Media firms should be held accountable for allowing fake accounts on their platform," said Manila city Mayor Francisco Domagoso, another candidate for the said position.

Ferdinand Marcos Jr, a front-running candidate, refused to participate in the presidential debate organized by the election body of the Philippines.

Published: April 19, 2022