Photograph - Angel Octoso

Autumnal Hues

Krysleen L. Granada

Seemingly, a prismatic crystal refracted

the misted horizon,

as hues of amaranthine and sapphire

smeared the atmosphere.

The autumnal breath hummed through

my ears;

imprinting a memory with a hymn of


I sauntered my way into the woods,

and gently wrapped her favorite daisies

in my palms.

I held her perfume out of my pocket

and inhaled the heavenly smell of


Still, the wafting scent traces every part

of hers, which left me in an enchanting


I halted as I found her under the maple


where our names were crafted on the


Her long and wavy chestnut hair was

tousled by the cold breeze.

“Darling, I’m here..” I whispered.

My smile turned into a mischievous grin

as I slowly strode my way towards her.

I enveloped my arms around her waist,

and grazed my hands across her petite


I swayed her into dance,

as psithurism crafts soundscapes in our

souls, with the melody of sensation,

bliss and longing.

Luminous petals of silver suddenly

scattered in the night sky, beckoning the

radiant epistle of our exchanged

wedding vows –

creatively encrypted in transfigured light.

I interlocked my fingers along her pallid

ones as I continually dance her corpse.

“I will always love you..

‘til death do us part.”

Published: April 25, 2022