Artwork - Shaz-Andrei Amacio


Syrell Doanne V. Nietes

The day drifts off to its slumber

As I sat back and relive

Memories echo

I began to reminisce

My fingers began to comb

Through these scrapbook pages

Thumbing through

I invoke a smile

A simple pleasure

A fleeting glimpse

Sleek pages

Of these cellulose fibers

All filled with joy and victories

But one

A single page

Blank, torn

At the center, but mended

With a tacky tape

But as I caress through

These empty page

An unexplainable feeling

Rushed to my spine

All the fleeting feeling

Unfolded anew

I felt out of sorts

Regretful, hopeless, bitter

Clueless, I scanned

How can a single page

Left me hanging dismal?

Then it all unraveled

From the day we sat

On an arched mistletoe

To the day you told me

I wasn’t the one you wanted anymore

Published: April 25, 2022