Artwork - Dylan Jacob Suarez

The Law of Refraction


Perhaps, you’d never loved yourself enough.

Have you opened your arms heedlessly at the world, thinking it will never be against you? Have you ever thought about how you desperately waited for “the rainbow” to come after you claim yourself to be the dreary rain? Remember how those pernicious words of demise haunt you every time, like strident winds pulling you back and forth—but you said it’s alright?

Have you ever thrown away those disdainful leers from pretentious faces into a rivulet of tears, knowing they would just float back into the surface each time?Are you alive, or are you just pretending to be?

You probably think suffering from the words of the cynics would keep you going,but it isn’t. It’s about becoming the white sunlight, gripping the edge of the sky and letting go, one at a time, slowly...and slowly.

Take a deep breath—here comes the drop.

A streak of light flashes; refracted an arc of seven colors formed in the remains of tiny raindrops. You’ll get used to the perpetual motion of a headlong freefall.Just go for it. Let those preconceived notions of the accursed society drift further away.

And to be loved not in spite of this, but because of it.

Whether it was Snell or Newton who proposed the theory, the bending path of light crossing an optical element will eventually disperse its white light into a spectrum of beautiful colors, creating a tyndall effect—like you.

Yes, some of us may be dull, some in neutral, others bound in etiolation. But once in a while, you’ll eventually find yourself to be iridescent.

And nothing will ever compare to it.


Be your own glass prism.

Let your white light shine within you.

Published: April 25, 2022