Artwork - Pauline Dennisse Baldevieso


Shergen Q. Villanueva

In a cave where the world dwells,

no one plucks for light in wishing wells.

But not I,

for my ears heard the pitch from the darkness.

It is a sound,

no, more like a voice from a piper.

It calls and it calls

but others keep sleeping anyway.

But not I,

for He plays time by time until it rings for my soul,

and I refuse to fall in slumber.

A tune being piped in a void

summons me like a new musician.

I can make music move, He says.

I can, I can, He says because He can.

Sunken in the majesty of His promise,

I followed the narrow course to the Celestial City; and as I looked back, I saw the abyss.

I did not belong there.

I am not brand-new; I am just washed-through.

He just won me back; this King redeemed me.

But the luminance blinded me as I got out.

I must have been in the dark for too long.

Ode to that sound, that voice, that power —

with my eyes temporary blind,

I saw Him even more.

Published: April 25, 2022