Artwork - Ulyses S. Sillonar

The Canvas of Life

Athena Christy L. Soledad

You don’t ask for a better future

And complain when you’re given a blank canvas

White was not meant to stand alone

It is a beginning meant to be colored

A page waiting for words

A canvas waiting for paint

A future waiting for you

White is absolute

It is the emptiness of nothing

But color is not

A color can mean one thing

And stand for another

Red can be the passion of love

Or the heat of fury

Yellow can be victory

Or it can be jealousy

Blue can be deep but peaceful

The mood is yours to choose

Think of the colors in your head

And command your hand to follow it

If you make a mistake

Cover it in white

The color of hope

And new beginnings

Cover the smudge and paint over it

The error will be unnoticeable

Unless you peel back the dried paint

That you hid it with and healed with time

But the dark of the past is not meant

To be peeled back or dug up

It is meant to be remembered

And then buried and covered

Life is not a finished painting

To be complained when not to your liking

Life is a blank canvas to be painted with colors

The choice is always yours

From the angle of the brush

To take time or to work in a rush

Angry strokes or gauged slash

What colors to use

What path to choose

What future to pursue

It's all up to you.

Published: April 25, 2022